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Contact: Kim Berly 
phone: 250-485-7315 
email: contact@kimberlygroup.net 
website: https://www.kimberlygroup.net 
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Introducing the Kim Berly Group 

The Kim Berly Group…The KBG…is a new Kelowna based band featuring Kim Berly, renowned drummer and lead vocalist for legendary Juno awardwinning Canadian rock band ‘The Stampeders’. 
Kim has created this new musical group in order to have a vehicle for the many songs he has written in recent years. He released a solo album in 2011 but felt that not having a band to realize the songs in performance was a limiting factor when it came to exposing and promoting his new music. ”I love my old friends and partners in the Stampeders but I can’t run just on past glory,” says Kim, “Maybe I’m a late bloomer but I feel like I’m at a place I haven’t been before… and I want people to hear what I’m writing now; so I’m really compelled to try to reach out to an audience. Surely it’s unusual to be making a new career move when most my age are going the other way…but it’s so very exciting…and who wants to retire from making music anyway?” 

The KBG is comprised of Kim Berly on drums and lead vocals; David Knight on guitar and vocals; Bob Silversides on keyboards and vocals; Murray Holmes on bass and vocals. 
The project began three years ago when Kim was introduced to David Knight by Ronnie King of the Stampeders. David had played in Ronnie’s band in the 1980’s. 
Initially, David and Kim teamed up to write and record songs and perhaps form a duo to perform locally. They took a pass on the duo but did set up a studio and began working on becoming music producers. Over the past two years they have written and recorded a dozen songs. All of the songs have full band arrangements so it became apparent that, to reproduce the songs live, a band would be essential. And so it fell to David, as a longtime Kelowna resident, to approach his favourite players with the idea. It was settled after one rehearsal…Bob and Murray were onboard. 

When speaking of his new songs, Kim says they are a look at life, love and the human condition from his current perspective, which is that of a man who’s seen a lot of the world. He will still be singing his old Stampeder hits because, as he says, “That’s what I’m known for and besides, we all love the songs of our youth; they are warm and cherished reflections of who we were… and so deserve to be well and joyfully served up by great musicians.” 

The KBG will be releasing it’s first album this autumn and is currently booking a tour of BC theatres to kick it all off. 

About the Band members: Kim Berly began making his way as a professional musician in the summer of 1966 when The Stampeders moved from Calgary to Toronto in pursuit of fame and fortune; Kim had just turned 18. Five years later, after honing their skills working six nights a week in the bars and dance halls of Ontario, Quebec and upstate New York, the band broke world wide with Sweet City Woman and went on to have a string of hit songs including Wild Eyes, Oh My Lady, Minstrel Gypsy, Carry Me, Devil You, Ramona, Hit the Road Jack, Then Came the White Man and Playin’ in the Band. 
Kim played drums on all and was lead voice on many of these songs. The Stampeders toured extensively in Canada, the US, and Europe and, to this day, continue to play theatres and festivals in Canada and the U.S. Kim and the Stampeders have received numerous awards over the years including a JUNO for Group of the Year, JUNO for Song of the Year, SOCAN (Society of Canadian Songwriters and Publishers) Lifetime Achievement Award. Kim has received two SOCAN awards for his songs Oh My Lady and Minstrel Gypsy. 

David Knight hit the road in the early 70’s playing the Ontario-Quebec- Upstate New York club and college circuit. After a few years of that, David heard the call of the west and moved to Calgary where he took a 7 year gig working with The Ronnie King Band. Relocating to the Okanagan, David concentrated on songwriting. He was awarded an Alberta Music Projects grant just prior to moving which allowed him to record his own music for the first time. David wrote, co-wrote and produced an album featuring Okanagan musicians. Following that David participated in two songwriting seminars with legendary Canadian songwriters Bill Henderson (Chiliwack) and Roy Forbes (Bim). David has recently completed a songwriting course from The Berklee School of Music. 

Bob Silversides is a well known Kelowna musician. When his hair was long and curly, in the 1970’s and ’80’s, Bob lived in the US and played in the touring bands of Loggins and Messina and Seals and Crofts. These groups were very successful in their time and produced many hit songs and 

put Bob into that select group of musicians who have experienced playing in a big time rock band. 

Murray Holmes, honed his chops in the best of music schools, playing live, night after night, on the B.C. and Alberta club circuits. A veteran of the Vancouver music scene for 10 years, in the Thompson/Okanagan for 11 years, Murray has for the past 15 years been the bass voice, both literally and musically, for The Salmon Armenians, a local legendary R&B/ soul/ horn band. 

For interviews and information contact Kim at 250-485-7315 or contact@kimberlygroup.net.


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